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Grounding Meditation


What is Grounding?
Being grounded is a harmonious connection to the slow, calming earth energy. Resulting in a sense of well-being and strength in your body in the now. Grounding is the process of bringing your awareness into balance with your body into the present moment.

During visualisation, meditation, healing, psychic work, yoga, tai chi, qi gong etc. you can shift out of resonance, leaving you feeling not quite present and connected. A quick and simple way to bring you into yourself would be a grounding exercise (see list below).

Another way grounding exercises would be of assistance is to anyone who has suffered or suffering from; anxiety, panic, trauma; stress; anger; terror; depression or grief etc. Ground would help to bring about feelings of calm and peace by slowing their energies, restoring harmony and resonance with the earth energy.

When you are not grounded you may feel one or more of the following:-

slightly dizzy and disorientated;
daydreamy and spaced out;
sensitive to sound and light;
low in energy;
feeling low or down which is out of character;
irritated, aggressive or angry for no particular reason.


How do I ground myself?

There are several ways. Choose whichever suits you best.

Drinking water and washing hands especially after healing/psychic work;
Being out in nature;
Listen or dance to digeridoo, drumming music;
Hugging, sitting, leaning, standing or climbing a tree;
Physical activity;
Gardening or another activity which gets your hands into the earth;
Visualising whitelight showering your body coming out of your feet connecting deep into the earth;
Visualise roots coming out of your feet and connecting deep into the centre of the earth
Eating grounding foods (root vegetables, grains and meat);
Grounding breathing exercises;
Carrying and/or working with grounding crystals.


GroundingMeditation Breathing Exercise

I use the following exercsie regularly in my work as a Massage Practitioner. I also teach my clients this simple technique so they can use it when necessary as it’s so quick and simple. Kids love it!!

Find somewhere to sit peacefully where you won’t be disturbed for 5-10mins. If you’re in the office or out and about you can try the bathroom (no one should disturb you if you’re in the toilet).
Feet flat on the floor, eyes closed and muscles nice and relaxed;
Start by 2 or 3 deep breaths relaxing your body with every out breathe;
When ready take in a deep breath visualising your favourite warm calming colour as you breathe in;
Feel the colour fill every cell in your being, radiating out into your energy field;
Breathe out letting all the tension go as you breathe out;
Breathe in your colour again this time breathing deep down into your feet;
Breathe out letting all the tension go as you breathe out;
Breathe in your colour again this time breathing deep down into your feet and down into the earth making a solid connection with mother earth beneath yourfeet (doesn’t matter if you’re on the ground floor or 50th floor).
Breathe out letting all the tension go as you breathe out;
Keep breathing in and out untill you feel calm and peaceful;
To close breathe in a strong invigorating colour and breathe out a couple of times;
Open your eyes and you’re ready to go.


Written by Sue Carberry 2005 ©, Fusion Energy Bodywork ® . Sue is a Body, Mind & Spirit Practitioner with over 15 years experience in Complementary Therapies.


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